About Athanasia Susie Colomvakos


Painting for me is a visceral world where I know my soul is giving expression.

It is powerful and it overwhelms me with gratitude, with humility and with peace. 

I am of the belief that the things that seem most personal to each of us are also the most universal.   I use representational and non-representational elements as metaphors to identify and understand my place in the world.  With each body of work I explore and discover vulnerabilities, and those deepest innermost thoughts and feelings of the world within us and around us that are so common and shared.

My entree into painting began in 2004 while undergoing cancer treatments.  Since then, painting has become a fundamental part of my being.  Rather than following a traditional course of study, I studied at The Toronto School of Art, The Avenue Road Art School and from artists that I admire. 


I  am a founding member of the hArtworks Artist Co-operative and I paint full-time in our Leaside studio at 28 Industrial Street, Toronto, ON.  I currently prefer to work oil & cold wax and continue to challenge myself by experimenting with new techniques, mediums and subject matter.